Safe Way to Remove Bumper Bolts

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Safe Way to Remove Bumper Bolts

Postby Singlefinger » Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:54 pm

Everyone of us has fought to remove those chrome dipped "stovebolts" that were used on bumpers from the beginning of time till the 70's. We worked them with penetrating oil, propane torches, impact wrenches, etc, only to have the dang square bit round off. Then your screwed! Vise-Grips are the only option now & you're probably going to screw up the face chrome on the bumper...

An old car guy (from PA) reminded me of what has worked for me when I get REALLY pissed. 1st Take the entire Bumper assembly off the car, which includes all the Brackets. Take everything off at the Frame mounts.
Then, when the Bumper is sitting face-down on the grass, use a bit of penetrating oil & go get a 6-point socket with a big 1/2" breaker bar.

Now, TURN THE WRENCH THE OTHER WAY! Tighten the rusty nut until the obstinate thing busts in half.

You're never going to reuse those bolts, so why try?
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