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Old Masking Tape

Postby safari-wagon » Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:53 am


Masking tape seems to turn to junk & becomes unusable a lot quicker these days. I always seem to have old, half used rolls in a few cabinets in the shop. Some guys tell you to simply microwave an old roll of tape & it's good again, but that's a very short term fix that drys out a roll even more leaving you with more junk tape in the cabinet.

Got this idea from the HAMB:

Today I was in desperate need of some 3 inch tape the only roll I had was dried out to where it was unusable. Then an idea hit me I put a cup filled with water in the microwave and heated it until it was boiling.
I then put the tape in next to the cup of water (not in the water) and heated it for 1 minute. I came out with a roll that was like the day I bought it maybe even better.

I then dug around in the bottom of my masking machine and found a roll of 3/4 that was so old it had shrunk and was one of those wavy rolls. I did the same thing and it came out as well as the first roll.

I used the 3 inch this morning and when I was done it pulled just fine. That was my first concern that the adhesive may adhere to much but it worked great. My other is after it cooled it would go back to the original state but it seems to be just fine.
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