*** Vintage Parts - Read BEFORE You Post!!! *********

Post only hot rod & Kustom parts only...

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*** Vintage Parts - Read BEFORE You Post!!! *********

Postby Larry » Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:34 am


This Classified Section is for the sale of Hot Rod PARTS, Kustom PARTS, Vintage Race Car PARTS, & Muscle Car PARTS ONLY!!!!!!

DO NOT POST anything but stuff for vintage cars or trucks! No daily drivers, Nothing for rice-burners, mudders, custom Euro-Trash, Nothing for aome showroom shit-box!! Vintage Parts ONLY!!! If it's 1973 or newer it probably doesn't belong in here for sale. Our users come here for vintage stuff and that's what they'll get in this section. If you don't like the rules tough, bitching about it it will only get you laughed at.

Every ad must include a price for every item, plus the city & state. (unless your city & state is in the sidebar). Your phone number is optional, but suggested. If you are posting a WTB ad, Want To Buy needs to be in bold, so there is no confusion.

PM or email your responses. The only reply that you should make to the forum, is "I'll take it!" All other replies, commentary, or wise-ass remarks will get deleted. Stifle your comments about the car, parts, or asking price. Help keep the sale sections about sales and not BS.

When you place an ad here, you are taking full responsibility for the item, the description & the final transaction. Singlefinger Speed Shop cannot be held liable for any transactions that take place via the Classified Forums, these are private dealings between private parties. If you are buying/selling a car or truck, it it up to the parties to verify condition, title, etc. If you have problems with a seller or a deal gone bad, we cannot and will not get involved. We rely on the integrity of our members to act responsibly in these transactions. If you are posting an item for a friend, YOU assume responsibility for the contents of the ad & the transaction, so that better be a damn good friend!

NO POSTING links to other sites. NO Ebay listings or links. If your going to use our ads, post the info here not a link to someplace else. Those listings may be removed at our discretion.
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