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EPA Finally Gets It Right- Kind Of...

Saturday 30 May 2015 at 1:18 pm EPA upsets farmers, renewable fuel backers with lower quotas for ethanol-gas blends UPI

While this doesn't help us old cars guys & gals, it is a small step in the right direction. After pandering to the Farm Lobby for years, the EPA is still neglecting those of us with vintage autos & trucks. Even 10% levels of corn has been proven to destroy old carbs, fuel pumps, tanks, etc. Not to mention the adverse effect on US food prices (farmer won't even burn this junk).

The OEMs have never been in support of the ethanol in fuels, due to the cost in manufacturing & repair costs to their consumers.

The EPA would do better to go after the ginormous amounts of pollution from Chinese coal fired power plants that are currently wreaking havoc with the weather in the US.
(refer to the 2013 Rutgers Univ studies, Greenpeace study, or read the Mother Jones summary)

"Pollution billowing from Asia's big cities, they found, is essentially "seeding" the clouds with sulfur, carbon grit, and metals. This leads to thicker, taller, and more energetic clouds, with heavier precipitation. These so-called "extratropical" cyclones in the Northwest Pacific have become about 10 percent stronger over the last 30 years, the scientists say." MJ

Margaret Dunning Exits

Tuesday 19 May 2015 at 11:48 pm

Margaret Dunning was a real, feisty, old fashioned spark plug of a gal that was well loved by all of us Detroit area old car nuts. She was universally admired by girls of all ages in this hobby.

Margaret's celebrity was derived from her feistiness, her age, & her deep, life-long passion for vintage cars. She always took the time to say hello, chat a little, or retell a story to those younger girls that were drawn to her at any event she attended. This was blatantly obvious when there was the everlasting crowd of girls around her at prestigious events, like Meadowbrook or the Concours at St John's.

Margaret owned several old cars, but there was a special place deep in her heart for the 1930 Packard roadster that she owned for decades. Growing up on a farm in Redford, MI, she was an only child that found a passion for mechanical things. Her father taught her how to maintain equipment, so she could regularly be found changing oil on her old cars well into her 90s.

Locally, she was well known for her generous spirit, as she was always helping out various charities, like the Plymouth Historical Museum or the Dunning-Hough Library, which she personally underwrote the expansions for.

We're going to miss this Spitfire. GodSpeed Ms Dunning.

Read more on the Freep: Dunning

Or in our FORUM: Dunning

Grand Opening in Jackson, MI

Sunday 17 May 2015 at 2:45 pm

Tomorrow, the 1st ever Singlefinger Certified Build Shop opens in Jackson, Michigan!!!

JB Customs of Jackson will be leading our pilot program for this new endeavor. Jim & the crew will be able to service your daily driver, your hot rod, or kustom ride in the new shop. Locals know these guys are brilliant in their diagnostic skills, because area car dealers send their most difficult jobs to them.

Downtown Jackson, MI is host to a really well attended Cruise-In on the 4th Fri of every month.
Click this link to see where to be, as this Fri is the start of the '15 season!

Stop by & check out our new digs @ 110 North Van Dorn St.

The Thrill is Gone...

Friday 15 May 2015 at 08:14 am

B.B. King passed away in his sleep last night, marking the end of the greatest careers in blues music.

We've seen King a number of times in the Detroit area, from Pine Knob to the iconic Fox Theater & we were always amazed by the man. While his performances were never physically energetic, the songs that King & Lucille gave us were pure, high voltage.

The King is dead, Long Live the King!

Prop#1- More Lansing RoadKill

Sunday 03 May 2015 at 1:27 pm

Prop 1 is brought to you by LAZY-ASSED Lansing politicians that can't seem to do the bloody jobs that we pay them for!
For decades, we have been paying the bloated salaries of these Lansing Losers & dumping Prop 1 on the state's taxpayers proves that we have gotten precious little in return for our money. However, AAA's support of this Proposal indicates that insurance companies still seem to get what they want from these bums.

Michigan has one of the country's highest auto insurance rates, is in the top tier for gas prices, & the bottom tier for road quality. MI spends about $130-$140 per person on roads improvements, which is almost half of what OH spends & our roads are SHIT compared to those of our neighbor states! In the "auto capital" of the US, our roads are comparable to those in Baghdad after years of war.

When you read the entire proposal, it sounds pretty familiar, because the promises were the same for the Lotto ballot vote. Remember all the money the schools were to receive? What happened to all those millions once the cash ended up in the General Fund? Damn little went to the kids, but LOTS went for Lansing's Losers to squander. So, they want us to raise our own taxes to fix what they can't be bothered with.
Prop#1 increases our taxes in other discreet ways, like higher vehicle registration fees, eliminates the registration rate reduction as a car ages, DOUBLES the Gas Tax to $0.40/gal & guarantees future gas tax hikes!

FYI kids: you need to read a Mitch Albom op-ed about another shameless cash grab by AAA & Lansing's Losers over the state's No Fault laws:

Mighigan needs to kill this stupid ballot proposal & FIRE every Lansing Loser in the next elections!

"Voters appear to have defeated Proposal 1, the plan to raise the state sales tax to fund road improvements, is spectacular fashion. Returns from every part of the state show the measure losing by big margins."

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